The life and death of one very bad penny


We created this website to raise awareness for the severe consequences of concussions and head trauma. Sustaining blows to the head can lead to CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) which is a chronic degenerative brain disease with similar symptoms and progression as Alzheimer's disease.

What makes CTE terrifying is that it can start at any age and time after suffering a severe blow to the head, destroying the lives of young people and the ones around them. Young athletes in their 20s have been known to suffer and die from CTE symptoms. 

The disease have been studied for decades now and the pathetic results are that we can't yet diagnose it with certainty in living people, let alone treat it. 

Christopher Lee Plummer is an entrepreneur and artist who's had an incredibly rich and fulfilling life until diagnosed with CTE in the summer of 2017. The illness turned his life around and within just a few months he went from 100% healthy and ready to conquer the world once more to being unable to walk the streets alone. 

Chris decided to tell his story in videos that show his life and what kind of person he was, as well as what it is like for him to live and later die with the disease. With this he hopes to contribute to the efforts of many others to draw more attention and research into CTE. 

You can contribute to our cause by watching and sharing the videos, or by a simple donation which helps us run the site and produce the videos.